Change the world with your value proposition? Ready to be a superhero?

Students today and aspiring entrepreneurs are mesmerized by starting their own tech company and creating the next unicorn. Let’s face it: It is easy to be dazzled by the funding numbers you might read, the success stories that universities and tech accelerators promote. You would almost believe it is as simple as connecting to the right university, accelerator or vc to set you up for sure success.

A checklist to see if you got what it really takes.

1. Exploring powers

2. Legal & contracting skills

3. Team lead skills

4. Confidence to sail by your own compass

5. Business (model) skills

If you are serious about creating your dent in the universe — you should try to change the status quo by experimenting with an entirely new value proposition or business model.

6. Curiosity and ability to learn

7. Embrace loneliness

8. Accept failure is part of the journey

Now — Change the world

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