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CEO/Founder of ANDRS Projects: a team of 💯🚀⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rockstars that powers some of the most innovative #saas brands
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In a troubled time, powerful creative new ideas pierce the darkness and paradigm shifts happen. It seems creativity plays an important role here and helps us to create meaningful change.

8 minute read. Rather listen??

Powerful ideas need world changing views

A great and well-known example of such a powerful idea is the in 1905 published relativity theory of Albert Einstein. …

What’s the right payment solution and should you build or buy?

There are a lot of different ecommerce, subscription and payment solutions available. And the cost of these solutions differ greatly. …

Students today and aspiring entrepreneurs are mesmerized by starting their own tech company and creating the next unicorn. Let’s face it: It is easy to be dazzled by the funding numbers you might read, the success stories that universities and tech accelerators promote. You would almost believe it is as simple as connecting to the right university, accelerator or vc to set you up for sure success.

5 min read — or rather listen? 👇

You are different and know this isn’t true. You know it is not easy — but are determined to build the next successful software brand. You are not one of those entrepreneurs that are considering copying a successful model or technology…

A while back I listened to an interview with a NYC entrepreneur, and this is what he answered when asked the best advice he’d give other starters. Does it sound rude? I think it does. I would be more inclined to say “be smart about your money” or a little more lady like “don’t pee away your money” maybe. But New York men say: “piss”. And I must say for something important to stick to you like a good mantra — he nailed it perfectly.

It’s a 6 minute read — rather listen?

And it should stick — cause this is the most important lesson anyone can ever tell you. …

Teams change — get used to it

In my experience working with many teams over the years — the only constant when working in teams is that they change continuously. People leave as they are get offered better positions or salary, or because they just aren’t a good fit. …

When I started our first software projects with ANDRS, we hired skilled companies to do all of the design and development. We decided for companies in our proximity and contracted on project delivery specifics. These companies came with their own team in their own office. …

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” — Peter Drucker

In 2017 we celebrated 5 years of innovation. A lot has changed within those 5 years where we shifted from delivering projects to delivering you our brands’ software as a service. Here’s why and what that means for your business.

Stakeholder Collaboration

ANDRS was founded to delivering project management and consultancy services…

We’re a small distributed team working from three different timezones. We have huge ambitions to grow and change the world, and we often need additional skills to complement our team.

You know how it is, a small team where everyone does everything and more. We are crossing boundaries and pushing…

The world is shifting profoundly — or is it not? Maybe it is just our perception? Are pressing issues really that different today than over 100 or 200 years ago?

Is the core challenge we are facing today, for example through rapid change in technology really different from the challenges Europeans were faced with when thrown into the industrial age?

Are the challenges about a transparent democracy today really that different than in Machiavelli’s time?

Are the needs for people’s…

We know! Building a startup takes time, perseverance, creativity, is downright f#%$& hard work! But your most valuable time spent is listening, and listening more. Just a simple mantra emphasizing that you need to take time to listen & learn.

You always want things to go faster than they actually do, you encounter problems you never thought existed and discover opportunities you never before imagined. And that doesn’t happen overnight, it doesn’t happen if you do not go out there, talk and engage with you prospective clients. …

Caroline Vrauwdeunt

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